Cathedral of Justo

The Cathedral of Justo (original name Nuestra Señora del Pilar) is a peculiar building located near Madrid. It has been built by just one man in the last 60 years (construction started on 12 October 1961). This man is Justo Gallego, 94 years old ex-monk who dedicate the whole of his life to build this project.

The building has an impressive stance, with its dimensions of 20×50 metres and a total built up area of about 8,000m2. Below the main building there is a crypt and adjacent there is a complex of minor chapels, cloisters, lodgings and a library. The dome of the main building (modelled on St. Peter’s Basilica) is about 40 metres in height, about 12 metres in diameter.

The whole building was made just with the use of found objects and recycled materials. This includes everyday objects and excess construction materials donated by construction companies and a nearby brick factory. The building work has been carried out without any crane.

This is probably the most impressive DIY operation ever done in history, and for this reason we are delighted to host our next exhibition here.

Severo pero Justo.

More info about the crowdfunding campaign One-man Cathedral here and here.



Download the Call and check the Art Recipe 

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Download the Call and check the Art recipe

Submit your application for Madrid 2020


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