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Our history

Making Art 4.0 is an idea by ScanAndMake (, a young and innovative startup based in Liverpool, UK. ScanAndMake aims to promote the use of computer controlled technologies like 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Laser cutting and others to a wider audience, enabling them to emerge from the techie bubble where they are now trapped.

The idea behind the contest and the exhibition is to stimulate the creativity of the international art community and to push the usage of the above mentioned techniques.

The city of Liverpool, where the ScanAndMake Startup is based, is a flamboyant city rich in cultural and artistic activities, famous for its musical scene and for its museums and cultural institutions (like Tate, or the world famous Liverpool Biennial). All the art displayed has got a peculiarity: Reproducibility. After the exhibition, instructions will be available to make it possible to reproduce the piece.

ScanAndMake’s mission is to create a new front in the Art Market, by applying the same revolution that happened to the distribution of music and books (with the arrival of digital distribution platforms) to the art world.

Not only will this create a new source of income for artists but also for the users of the website: individuals will be able to re-create artistic objects by downloading the files and producing their own pieces who can be sold locally according to the license.


Imagine a scenario where the artist can sell the original source file of his art and the instructions for the reproduction to thousands of people for an affordable price, earning possibly more than what he would have done with the sale of the unique piece, and at the same time expanding the diffusion of his art to the whole world.

This process doesn’t replace the art market dynamics, that is based on the uniqueness of the piece, but adds new scenarios and new markets in a sector that has been suffering in the last decades.

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Our Team


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Filippo Conti

CEO and Finance Manager

• Education: BEc in Business and Finance
• Skills: Biases Expert. Multilingo. Marketing. Finance
• Favorite quote: “The secret is to win going as slowly as possible” N. Lauda


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Francesco Giorgi

Project and product manager

• Education: BEng in Electronic Engineering, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, PhD in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial
• Skills: scientific method user; problem solver; 3D printing and laser cutting lover; communication expert; dreaming mind
• Favorite quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” A.Einstein

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